Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's no April Fools...I started a blog!

Well hello there, and welcome to Orange Fizzy Pop! Today is my very first ever blog post - and I couldn't be more excited! I am a crazy, party planning girl...I get started on my daughter's birthday parties 6 months in advance...I absolutely LOVE Easter...and am 6 months pregnant with a little boy! I love designing all things paper from party invitations (I just can't bring myself to buy store bought) and holiday cards, to wedding invitations and birth announcements (yes...I did my daughter's)! I have a few things in store right now that I can't wait to share. I just finished a dear friend's wedding invitations, a surf-themed baby shower coming up, a big sister-to-be party for my daughter, and Quinceanera invitations. And seeing that my daughter's birthday is in's about time to get starting thinking about that too! But shhhhh, don't tell anyone....I've already started that too!!! :O)


  1. Happy New Blog!!! I love the orange!! Can't wait to see all the fun stuff you post! xoxoxoox

  2. I will need to steal shamelessly, I have no creativity, I was lucky that Cinderella is at the ballet on my daughter's birthday, or we would have no plans at all!

  3. Hey Tricia, that's how I started out too - crazy over the top birthday parties for my kids! Welcome to blogland....